There has never been a better time to start a eCommerce business, than now! With new online businesses opening daily don't miss out on your piece of the this $908 billion dollar industry. If you have a primary income or trying to ESTABLISH a secondary income then you are in the right place!

There is no product or experience needed.

Would a secondary income give you more time for things that matter the most to you?

Hey I'm Albee of Creative Mindz Marketing. you probably saw a few of my ads throughout social media!

"I have assisted many entrepreneurs establish a secondary income".

Many entrepreneurs are working a full time job and looking to add another source of income. A GREAT OPPORTUNITY is to build a eCommerce business.

I wanted to make sure that entrepreneurs had a "PROVEN To WORK" guide to build and launch their eCommerce business with success. We use this strategy every time build and launch a eCommerce business for our clients!

Because integrity is another one our core values it important that you don't get caught up on FLUFF! The fact is that 90% of eCommerce jump into the industry making countless mistakes and do not have the time to commit to build a accurate quality ecommerce business. We find the launch is rushed leading to closure within the first 6 months.

Research says 10% of eCommerce Business succeed with the first 6 moths of operation. We wanted to know how do they succeed?

Our perspective is 10% succeed by having a strategic plan or some type of road map to guide them from making costly mistake and wasting precious time. To be apart of 10% successful launched eCommerce business schedule a call to see if we can help! Enroll into our eCommerce Kingdom Builder Program. My team and I do all the work using the "PROVEN To WORK" 8 steps strategy guide to build and launch your eCommerce business.

I want everyone to be able to experience more time for the things they love the most! Check out one of our many real entrepreneurs our from a Real Client!

Check out these successful eCommerce business launches

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