Email Marketing




Email Marketing can be pivotal decision when working on producing results for ROI. Email marking works by using a email platform such as Mail Chimp. Email marketing allows you scale products and engage with potential our returning customers at any given time. Below are some of the ways email marketing can be used. 


1) Customer Relationship Management CRM -This allows you create and build relationships with potential and existing clients. You can place the products/services in front of them to see which they engage with!


2) Email Marketing can be used to test how your audience may react to new product/services. This allow business owners to determine which products may sale or make a profit. email marketing allows you to see insights of your audience such age, gender and city. 

3) Email automation and campaigns- automation is a must have when utilizing email marketing. Automation gives business owners free time for to take care of other needs, while the client gets a email response instantly when signing up or asking questions. Email automation lets you schedule emails to your customers when you are starting a promotion or sale incentive. This works well for advertising campaign because business owners get decide when to send email campaigns based off the best time your audience is more likely to engage in your product/service.