Entrepreneur Resource Center

One of the most common issue entrepreneurs face is getting funds or capital for their business. Receiving capital should not be a hassle with tons of resources such as grants or small business that may be available for you. 


Here are some companies that maybe able to provide you with capital to bring your business to the next level. Time to level up. 


1. Backstage Capital. They have great resources where you can find funding.

2. Founders First Capital partners. The pay back model revenue based.

 3. Gov.grant. A portal where business owners can apply and learn about opportunities for funding.

 4. Lisc.org. This is a grant from Lowe's with partnership with the government. Application start August 31, 2020. Go sign up and get notified to apply.

5. https://5starprocessing.com/. Business Credit card, that helps with start up small businesses with no business credit. Credit builder as well!

Please note. Creative Mindz Marketing is not a  financial institution and recommends you speak to a industry expert when applying for loans and grants. The purpose of this page provide information about Grants and/or loans.